In memoriam

If you knew Sarthak, you'd know him as one of the smartest, brightest, and funniest guys you'd have ever met. If you really knew Sarthak, you would know he was an ever-so-slightly narcissistic Coke (the drink) addict with a rich appetite for offensive jokes. But what he really was to us, is insanely hard to put into words. I haven't really known him for that long I'd think, probably 4 years or so, a half-ish decade but not one moment of those were we not steadfast friends not giving each other shit.

It's hard to imagine a world without Sarthak. He was that person you "want" to build crazy shit with. I don't know the number of late-night calls we had over the most inane bugs and I just wish I had the fortune to have even just one more. He stayed over at my place in April for EthDubai and we had the (mis-)fortune of seeing Dubai flood in real-time; we were even planning for a Vietnam trip next month and maybe a Europe trip later this year – but life is unfair, and I cannot help but lament the unfairness.

I think if he ever knew that I'd write something for him, he'd call me out as a crying, little bitch, and knowing that makes me feel a little bit better. He knew how to live, and for better or worse, he taught me that money really isn't everything. In more than a few ways, he was one of the best ones amongst us. There is virtually nothing I can write that can right this injustice and is probably just a self-serving effort to make myself feel better, for that I'm really sorry, I wish I could do something better, or anything at all.

May you rest in peace, brother.

Sarthak at Eid fireworks in Dubai

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